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Hospitality, Yachting


Private client

The quality of living at sea

What if…? An enlightened mind is brave enough to search beyond the horizon for new discoveries and experiences.

For someone used to making his own path, designing and building a yacht was more than just an opportunity; it was an imperative to challenge established norms. The chance to voyage unimpeded.
Kenshō is an invitation to be closer to nature. But it’s also the personal story of an enlightened explorer of ideas, and his quest to redefine the beauty, joy and profound pleasure of yachting; to revel in the spirit and thrill of navigation of the seas with all of its sensory splendor. Kenshō is the embodiment of something that is new, personal and ground-breaking.
Spaces are designed to flow naturally into each other, with consistent use of soft-coloured woods, delicate leather panelling and textured silks.
Always luxurious but never flashy, Jouin Manku likes to use top-quality materials in unexpected ways. Like the bath sculpted from a single block of Carrara marble, or the hand-painted embroidered silk panels in the cabins.
“What I love the most is the continuity of the experience generated by our use of a limited palette. When you try to make each room more powerful than the previous one, it just produces a cacophony.
We decided to play with just three chords, but by varying the pace, we have created a symphony.”
Sanjit Manku & Patrick Jouin - Jouin Manku
The dining room is placed at the rear of the main deck and opens directly onto
the exterior deck for extended entertaining. This configuration allows for new possibilities
in the layout of the upper deck. The full-width room is designed to allow for a multipurpose
space in the day, with floor-to-ceiling cabinets of curiosity displaying mementos of past
voyages. The tables can be joined to form a 12-person dining table for special
occasions, or daily celebrations.
Far from aiming to transfer elements of land-based design on to the water, the studio wanted to embrace the opportunities offered by a yacht. Chief among these are the luminosity and far reaching views of the sea. So, the first thing that strikes you when you step inside Kensho is the unexpected height of the deckheads. These offer a luxurious 2.70m in the public areas of the boat, with windows that really draw in the light.
“The Kenshō wheelhouse is the embodiment of the perfect marriage between our interior design aims and the technicity of a yacht. It is the place that guides every decision that is taken in navigating this beautiful vessel into the uncharted territories of fantasy.” 
Sanjit Manku & Patrick Jouin - Jouin Manku
Strategically positioned on the forward portion of the main deck, the wheelhouse allows clear visibility forwards for the captain and crew, while leaving the full view ahead for the owner and guests on the deck above. Thus, both captain and owner enjoy unobstructed views while sailing freely on the open sea.


"A volume or space can evoke a complex feeling, and that is the heart of our work. We are able to translate a feeling using materials, proportions, light and texture, using interior design to deliver a state of mind or an emotion. The owner of Kensho understood this.
By listening closely to him, we identified that serenity and comfort were his two priorities. Introverted relaxation punctuated with parties – the primal joys of life.”
Sanjit Manku & Patrick Jouin - Jouin Manku

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Key figures

75.2m (246’71”)
12.8m (41’9”)
3.4m (11’15”)
12 in 6 Cabins


Interior designJouin Manku

Sanjit Manku
Patrick Jouin
Jacques Goubin
Bénédicte Bonnefoi
Dimitri Malko
Margaux Lafuente
Julien Lizé
Arnaud Desvignes
Fanny Peurou
Bruno Pimpanini
Axel de Clermont Tonnerre
Vincent Dechelette
Anna Vnukova

ShipyardAdmiral (The Italian Sea Group)

Consulting – Interior designTrappmann Consulting SLU

Owner’s Architecture, Design and
Engineering Consultant                              

Exterior design

Azure Yacht Design
Lighting designer

Voyons Voir
Carved leather in corridors: Helen Amy Murray 
Metal door in master bedroom: Steaven Richard
Custom lighting: Preciosa
Dining room chandelier: Cristal Caviar
Custom furniture: Ébénisterie Générale
Upholstery: Stéphane Corler with Tapissier Seigneur
Upholstery, dining room chairs and leather accessories: Atelier Le Floch
Glass-top table (custom furniture) - Glass bubbles (staircase) : Vincent Breed
Custom alabaster light fixture in master bedroom: Delisle
Dining table: Pilot AG
Stone table: Eredi Bardini Marmi
Carpet: Diurne
Custom-molded door handle: Bronze de France - Atelier Le Floch - Eredi Bardini Marmi
Custom painted silk dressing room doors: De Gournay
Stone: Rocco Marmi
Specialty fabrics: Bisson Bruneel - Sophie Malbranche
Silk screens: Miscimasci et Tessitura
Day Head wall artist: Axel Samson
Special fabrics: Casamance
Metal support for glass stand: Pulsatil
Selection of works of art: Aude Planterose
Objects - Book selection: Atelier 27


Kenshō, Jouin Manku © Giuliano Sargenti
Kenshō, Jouin Manku © Eric Laignel


By Boat International: 
- Best interior design, Motor Yachts 500GT and more.
- Displacement Motor Yachts, 1500 GT.
- Motor Yacht of the Year.

By Robb Report:
- Best Interior design.

By Design at all: 
- Interior Design Award (over 40 meters).

By Interior Design : 
- Best Yacht of the year.