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Awards 07 Dec 2023

Best of Year prize "Yacht" 2023 for Kensho

During the 18th edition of the BoY Awards by Interior Design, Kenshō, the first yachting project of Jouin Manku, has won the Best of Year "Yacht".
We have devoted ourselves to the creation of Kenshō’s interior, during three years. Interlacing dreams and careful research while pushing technological limits. We express our extensive gratitude towards our client, who allowed us to materialize our ambitions and bring something new in the world of yachting. His desire was to create something unexpected, innovative, not only based on aesthetics, but also guided by a profound aspiration, a pursuit of a quality of life at sea. We have celebrated the vessel as such, delivering a moment aside from life on land and perfecting life at sea, as such creating a suspended experience.

This award is a nice way of celebrating this exceptional journey, We are very proud of this title, and for that we wish to thank Interior Design and Cindy Allen as editor-in-chief, but also the client for the trust he entrusted us with, and to all who made it possible. Thank you.

You can find the replay of the ceremony by clicking here.