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Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Cruises, Inc


For Celebrity Edge, the aim was to create spaces that remind guests that they are on board a ship, offering the luxury and comfort of a boutique hotel while expressing the extraordinary experience of cruising.
Their creative approach is distinguished here by a desire to celebrate the craft of the ship's builders and welders. In a classic cruise ship interior, the slender, elegant internal steel columns are often hidden beneath layers of materials or veneers, inflating their proportions.

Above the bar, a monumental chandelier descends towards guests, evoking the sky and the stars. As activity at the Grand Plaza changes throughout the day, so does the chandelier's appearance.
By day, it lies dormant, like a sculpture reflecting some of the reflections of natural light, but when the sun sets, it begins to glow a warm orange, illuminating the space. At night, it pulsates with color like a beating heart. In this way, it reveals itself differently at every moment of the day.
Surrounding the central bar and chandelier, the multi-level saloon offers a variety of individual and grouped seating, producing a sense of intimacy in this vast, open space.
The upper deck's wide walkways invite guests to stop, and lean back to contemplate the activity below.


Our studio came to the Celebrity Edge project with a sense of excitement and wonder, the desire to capture the magic of travelling by sea.
Inspired by the glamour and adventure of the pre-war era of travel, they sought to transform this experience for the 21st century.


On the Celebrity Edge cruise ship, the Grand Plaza is a wide-open space that passengers will encounter many times throughout the day.
To retain some of the space's intrigue, three large screens are installed in the central lounge, offering tantalizing glimpses to guests as they pass by. Designed in collaboration with architectural embroidery specialists Studio MTX, the screens feature a series of modules made from metal, leather and fabric.
Jouin Manku begins each project with an emotional choreography: what we want people to feel at every moment as they move through a space. 
This emotional quest is reflected in the embroidered screens of Celebrity Edge. Up close, they look more like jewels, and when the facets of the different materials sparkle in the light, they create a shimmer on the Plaza. The screens also serve to contain energy in the space, while absorbing certain noises and providing a degree of visual security.

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- 306m  / width 38m / 129000 ton

- 16 decks / 1450 cabins / 2900 passengers


ClientCelebrity Cruises

Architectural concept, interior design   Jouin Manku
Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Jacques Goubin
Charlotte Cardaire
Bruno Pimpanini with Antoine Lesurt and Ken Tchikaya
Vincent Cuzin
Arnaud De Palange
Axel Mak
Eloïse Allonville
Olivier Evrard
Cécile Voyron

Architect of recordChantiers de l'Atlantique

Lighting designerL'Observatoire International

Contractors Kalmar 
Studio MTX 
Tino Sana