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La Pergola

Bringing together all the different images of the beauty of Rome in La Pergola...

At the top of the leafy hill of Monte Mario, overlooking the Eternal City, the Rome Cavalieri has been intrinsically linked with the New Wave and La Dolce Vita ever since it opened in 1963. Located on the roof of this listed monument, La Pergola sets itself apart as the only restaurant in Rome to hold three Michelin stars for its cuisine.

We wanted to invite the essence of Rome into the restaurant, offering guests a culinary experience further enhanced by sweeping views of the city, where the tangible and intangible come together in a unique place.
Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku – Jouin Manku

About La Pergola

Inaugurated in 1994, Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts “La Pergola” restaurant was the first creature of Heinz Beck. During these years of activity the restaurant attained all possible awards, among them it is sufficient to mention the Three Michelin Stars achieved in November 2005. Become one of the most renowned restaurants in Rome, soon its name crossed the national borders becoming one of the favorite destinations for global experts in haute cuisine.