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Infiniment Chocolat, Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé - Paris


As you step into the "Infiniment Chocolat" boutique designed for Pierre Hermé, every detail of the space welcomes you into a world where architecture extends the philosophy of the master chocolatier. Located on Boulevard des Capucines, this boutique is not merely a point of sale but a deep dive into the subtle art of chocolate. Inspired by our initial encounter with Pierre Hermé a decade ago, and our collaboration on his creative lab, we have shaped this space to reflect the meticulousness with which Hermé crafts his chocolates.

In sculpting the space of the boutique, our aim was to embody his universe, with each architectural element mirroring his philosophy. We designed this space not in response to a location, but as an expression of the alchemy of flavors orchestrated by Pierre Hermé. Dark, sensual colors dominate the interior, with undulating, glazed copper ceilings and smoked wood shelves, materials that embody the versatility and richness of chocolate.

At the center of this scene, a rounded central furniture piece guides visitors on their gustatory journey. Echoing the chef's iconic saucepan, it is clad in grained copper that captures light, symbolizing the fluidity and complexity of chocolate.

"Upon entering, the chocolate organ catches the eye, gathering its essence. Like a perfumer, each note is subtly assembled, creating alliances between the aromas to fully reveal them. This delicate process almost resembles sensory alchemy." Patrick Jouin
"How to embody chocolate, how to present it, how to experience it? It’s a deep immersion into the world of chocolate, a mystery to uncover, an invitation to delve into Pierre Hermé’s universe, where textures evolve from powdery to silky." Sanjit Manku
Soothed by a ceiling light in soft tones, conducive to delight, and light fixtures reminiscent of hot chocolate bubbles, visitors are surrounded by touches of lightness and warmth. Carefully arranged light strips highlight the chocolate creations as true works of art, inviting contemplation and selection.
This sanctuary of indulgence transforms each visit into a unique experience, a moment of intense pleasure.


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AREA (m²)27m2


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JOUIN MANKU TEAMPatrick Jouin, Sanjit Manku, Jacques Goubin, Dorien Peeters, Louis Richard Marschal, Kenza Benchickam