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Jouin Manku

The studio Jouin Manku conceives and orchestrates every element of the projects they create, by erasing the lines between architecture, interior space, and object, in a sensible and thorough dialectic. Each project imagined and conceived for our European or international clients becomes an adventure – the one intensified by the initial ambition, dreams, research, meetings, and discussions, which intersperse the so fascinating path toward realization.  

Each project is unique. Each project is a choreography. A series of interconnected moments and experiences that are inextricably linked, and that eventually make a whole. This is how we see them, this is how we develop them, looking carefully at each new step in order to bring them closer in unison with our intuitions. A space and its site have a tendency to attract objects, materials and, above all, people. Stories are written. Memories are engraved, perhaps forever. We always try to give each place that extra something that will make these moments perfect.

Patrick Jouin, Sanjit Manku, Jacques Goubin are now at the head of a team of 50 people, architects, interior architects and designers. They orchestrate the talents for creating exceptional and greatly accurate spaces, but they even more strive to record the atmosphere, and create emotions.

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