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Alain Ducasse at Morpheus

Ducasse Paris - Macao

City of dreams

Within one of Macau’s most eye-catching buildings, City of Dreams, Jouin Manku have collaborated once again with Alain Ducasse to design two new restaurants – Voyages by Alain Ducasse and Alain Ducasse at Morpheus. From the moment of entering the welcome lobby, guests leave the outside world behind and follow one of two winding lantern-lit pathways which lead to each of the restaurants, as if stepping out onto a pontoon to journey to distant islands.

Voyages by Alain Ducasse is vibrant and modern, featuring a bright and welcoming bar area and a dining area that wraps around an internal planted courtyard. Both lively and soothing, convivial and intimate, Jouin Manku’s interiors are the perfect complement to a cuisine which explores the traditional dishes of the French bistrot. The two Michelin star Alain Ducasse at Morpheus is a more ethereal, dream-like space. Here everything is transparent, translucent and light with tables that glow and appear almost to float - an archipelago where Asian reverie mingles with the exacting standards of French tradition. 

Voyages by Alain Ducasse is dynamic and modern, with a bright, inviting bar and a dining area that wraps around a planted courtyard. At once lively and soothing, convivial and intimate, Jouin Manku's interiors perfectly complement a cuisine that explores traditional French bistro fare. The Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse restaurant at Morpheus offers a more ethereal, dreamlike space. Here, everything is transparent, translucent and light, with tables that shimmer and almost seem to float - an archipelago where Asian reverie blends with the exacting standards of French tradition.


Celebrating Asian aesthetics and French bistronomy

In the North, Jouin Manku plunges us into a colorful, fresh and invigorating universe; the restaurantVoyages was conceived by the chef and architects as an exploration.
A journey through the great classics of French bistronomy and an ode to the incredible aesthetics of Asia.
Our lantern-lit stroll comes to a halt as the bar - the restaurant's central feature - crosses our path, instantly inviting us to enjoy a moment of relaxation over a drink.
Behind the bartender, the collection of bottles of the finest European and Asian spirits, backlit, forms a contemporary chandelier, providing the luminous ambience of a warm, intimate bar.
An elegant illuminated trolley, designed by the studio as a portable mini-bar, offers the possibility of living a separate experience, sharing a tailor-made cocktail in the more lounge-like spaces of the bar area.

Cleverly separated from the bar by a bright orange floor and ceiling (inspired by the color of persimmons found in local markets), the restaurant can accommodate up to 116 guests. A rich, graphic universe unfolds around the glass roof, a veritable well of greenery.
The way in which Jouin Manku has appropriated the graphic codes of an Asia that is both ebullient and soothing, both convivial and intimate, blends perfectly with the cuisine chosen by Alain Ducasse for this restaurant. In this vibrant, modern setting, the chef revisits the menu of traditional French bistro dishes.

Alain Ducasse at Morpheus

Exploring the unknown

To the south, architects Jouin Manku increase the power of the dining experience tenfold, this time inviting us to explore the confines of a dream territory - an archipelago combining the dreaminess of Asia with the excellence of French tradition. A gastronomic menu in an architectural setting.
If Voyages plays on dynamic strolls between its different spaces,
Alain Ducasse At Morpheus takes a more intimate approach. From the lobby, a butler accompanies you through the corridors, always by lantern light. Various spaces then punctuate our experience.

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In figures

Area of scope: 800 m²


Dining : 116 places
Lounge Bar : 69 places


ClientDucasse Paris

Architectural concept, architectural design   
and design         
Jouin Manku
Sanjit Manku
Marion Guerry
Aude-Marine Beuzelin
Bruno Pimpanini
Julien Lizé
François Isone
Antoine Defour
Filipo Canni
Céline Allard
Viola Tarozzi

Architect of recordLTD

General carpenterPat Davie 

Lighting designerIsometrix 

CraftmenTaï Ping 
Techniques Transparentes 
Fiva Créations 

Custom furniture

Paul Champs



City of Dreams Macau - Jouin Manku © Eric Laignel