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MIX in Las Vegas

Mandalay Developpment, Alain Ducasse & China Grill - Las Vegas

MIX in Las Vegas

Situated on the 43rd floor of ‘the hotel’ in Las Vegas, Mix is the second iteration of the mix concept by chinagrill management + alain ducasse.  the project is principally divided into two sections, a bar/ lounge and restaurant which are linked by a partially open kitchen. 
Between the desert 43 floors below and the ever clear Nevada sky twinkling with stars is mix Las Vegas.  A project based between the ground and the stars all linked with the kitchen of Ducasse. 
Like the surroundings of the space we were entrusted with, we drew our inspiration from the omnipresent views: the surrounding desert landscapes inspired the Lounge, and the sky inspired the Restaurant.
The Bar is a space strongly connected to the earth, a kind of dark cavern, with emanations of volcanic and mineral elements as furnishings, while the Restaurant is a space connected to the sky, with a cloud of large drops of water suspended in the space as a central element.
The scale (1500m2 at the top of a tower) and the "carte blanche" opportunity. If there's one city where every extravagance is permitted, it's Vegas. So the chance to fully express our ideas, and also to work again on a major Alain Ducasse project.


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Some figures

240 seat restaurant with 40 on terrace.
Bar/lounge seating 300, including 40 on terrace.
7 elevators, including 2 panoramic.


Interior architecture
and furniture design
Jouin Manku
Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Marie Deroudilhe
Claudia Del Bubba
Aurélie Berthet

Lighting designer 

Craftsmen and companies 
Chandelier : Murano Due
Bar : Müeller Custom Cabinetry
Bar décors : Savoy Studios
Armchair Mabelle Cassina
Identité graphique : Philippe David