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Alain Ducasse at L'Hôtel de Paris



The project delivered by patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku here can only surprise. In a room with a flamboyant decor, we would have imagined a radical creative bias, breaking with the past, for an absolutely contemporary revision of the site. It is not the case. Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, propose a much more subtle approach of the space, where the creation of monumental objects and furniture fit harmoniously to the classicism of this place. They introduce much more than interior architecture. The result of long discussions with Alain Ducasse, a new gesture of service is born. Orchestrating a choreography of the teams and the furniture, that evolve together under the amazed gaze of the hosts. 
Upon entering the restaurant, the eye is immediately drawn to the ceiling, where an immense circular suspension floats. This is made up of 800 pieces of Murano glass created by Aristide Najean. The object suspends the space. This oversized ring (7.5 m in diameter) sparkles with a soft, fairytale glow. Its shape echoes the classical fresco on the ceiling. Created when the Hôtel de Paris was founded in 1874 by Marie-Félix Hippolyte Lucas, it depicts a nymph surrounded by cherubs. Also set in a rose window, it is the starting point for Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku's thinking on how to organize the space: concentric circles placed in the middle of the room give this majestic place a more human, less impressive dimension.

Under the suspension, a central piece of cherry wood furniture, called "l'Office", unfurls its wings adorned with metal blades as the service unfolds.A veritable mechanical stage for the ballet of the teams, this piece of furniture reveals itself and transforms itself with elegance, all its functions accompanying the gestures of preparation that until now have been hidden from the guests' view.
On the floor, the Office rests on a ring of ebony, encircling a core of Black Silk stone which closes the imaginary line linking the floor to the ceiling.From here, a bespoke carpet stretches out, its design revealing a stormy sky of dark blue and deep grey.No precise or figurative motif, just the impression of a storm, irregular and mysterious.
This, then, is the challenge of this project in architectural terms: not to touch the past, but to question the Monegasque myth by confronting it with eminently contemporary elements, to let in light where gold emphasized shadows, to suggest the lightness and fluidity of movement.


The Louis XV chandelier

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ClientAlain Ducasse

Interior architecture and design    Jouin Manku
Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Bénédicte Bonnefoi
Andy Migevant
Bruno Pimpanini

Lightning designerL'Observatoire International

CraftmenA. Najean, JM Tech, Secante (chandelier)
Pierre-Yves Le Floc'h (chairs)
Matinox (table legs)
Arkal (table top)
Tai Ping, Pierre-Yves Le Floc'h (rugs)
JM Tech (vaisseliers, trolleys)



Alain Ducasse au Louis XV - Monaco © Hélène Hilaire