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An office « campus », for Société Foncière Lyonnaise

The IN/OUT project involves an office « campus », of more than 387 500 square feet. It is located on a former industrial site in Boulogne, at the West of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine River. This factory, which used to manufacture telephone tools in the 1930s, underwent a complete rehabilitation, such as many industrial sites in Boulogne. Société Foncière Lyonnaise (SFL), owner of the building since 1999, has asked DTACC and Jouin Manku to develop an ambitious and creative project. Both agencies offer complementary and creative solutions to reorganize the space dedicated to office work. This unique project includes the major transformation of a seven-storey building into offices, as well as the creation of a brand new wing, dedicated to amenities. The historical building keeps its original industrial character. The new wing has been thought as a serie of living space for employees. The site will combine new and old. As well as a mix of open work spaces combined with services and amenities to make for a very complete yet confortable office complex. 
DTACC architecture has chosen to focus on the historical building « BOCAGE » by designing a landscape and garden, in collaboration with landscape designer Pascal GASQUET. A gentle slope now replaces the former parking access ramp. The access and entrance to the building are then in harmony with the whole site, and ensure accessibility to people with disabilities. The new amenities wing, designed by Studio Jouin Manku, has replaced the parking and now stands at the heart of the landscaped garden. DTACC has chosen to remove the original partial glass roof that once fully enclosed the central courtyard of the historical building, to create an open air garden. The new Glass canopy in the central courtyard, designed by Jouin Manku, creates a natural transition between the lobby of the historical building and the amenities wing. The organization and structure of the various spaces, the choice of the different scales, as well as the harmony between mineral and natural elements, give the place its « campus » touch, sought by SFL.


Visitors enter the building and are welcomed into a vast space, similar to a hotel lobby. At the entrance lies a large oval desk, which leads visitors to what used to be an indoor atrium. In the newly created courtyard, one discovers a surprising micro-architecture: a glass canopy, held up by a series of intertwined wood beams, an ethereal floating lattice, which at one point swoops down and gently balances above the floor. This structural frame was a complex element that required the expertise of TESS, an engineering firm with whom Studio Jouin Manku regularly works. This lobby is the new heart of the ‘Bocage’ building. It is a central meeting point between different spaces. It also invites visitors or employees to have a break. Both simple in its design and complex in its realization, the glass pavilion foretells the bold amenities wing designed by the Studio Jouin Manku.

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Architectural concept, architectural design and design DTACC, architectes ; Jouin Manu, architectes d"intérieurs et designers
BET structureT/E/S/S
Woodworking companiesDucloux, poste mantille ; Cosylva, fabrication et pose de la base
Delivery date2013
Surface SHON36 000 m2, dont pavillon 3 900 m2
Useful wood volume n.c.
Jouin Manku Team Patrick Jouin Sanjit Manku Yann Brossier Matthias Debien