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Hôtel Les Haras 2

IRCAD - Strasbourg


Following on from the project carried out in 2013, we signed the extension to the Les Haras hotel. This new phase includes a Spa, seminar rooms and 60 new rooms, which were inaugurated in a 19th-century building located outside the historic site of the former Haras Royaux.
The main challenge was to maintain a sense of unity between these two buildings, despite their separation by a street. To achieve this, we undertook the rehabilitation of a disused tunnel, while developing a concept that skilfully combines rupture and continuity. The new project thus develops its own character, echoing the soul of the walls in which it unfolds, while remaining true to the spirit of the Haras.
In this new phase of the project, we decided to retain the palette of natural materials such as wood, leather, linen and cotton canvas. We wanted to retain the saddle-stitching gesture as a common thread, as well as the protective curve of the headboard. However, the furniture evolves with subtlety and finesse to adapt to this new stage of development. 

Facing the bay windows, the wood panelling is punctuated by a bookcase at the back of which runs a spectacular bas-relief carved by artist Pierre-Louis Dietschy. The bas-relief depicts common pharmacopoeia plants. The red clover of Chinese medicine, the veronica flower with its antiseptic virtues, and the wisteria reputed to promote sleep, all inhabit this vast botanical panel, which vibrates in the light and reflections of the two-way mirrors.

How can architecture become a protective envelope for the body?
Access to this space helps create the idea of a path towards letting go. In the reception areas and changing rooms, materials react to light to create a warm, enveloping atmosphere. Oak wood brings a feeling of warmth, while silver mosaic tesserae evoke the aquatic element. The pool itself plays a central role in the staging of the space. Its appearance is as spectacular as a hatching. Sensations are disrupted as the 18-meter swimming pool gradually reveals itself. Daylight filters in from a garden that hollows out the topography, reminiscent of a grotto carved out of Vosges sandstone.


The rock-like Corian® shells take on monumental proportions, standing like an ice floe at the water's edge. Inside these shells, three cavities are revealed, each dedicated to a specific function.

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In figures

Second intervention: 
- Hotel surface area (approx. 60 rooms): 820 m2
- Common areas: 420m2
- Spa : 250 m2
- Swimming pool : 200m2 


Architectural concept,
interior architecture
and design                                                                                
Jouin Manku
Sanjit Manku
Patrick Jouin
Jacques Goubin
Tania Cohen
Morgane Bertin
Bruno Pimpanini
François Isone
Julien Lizé

Executive architectRey - Lucquet
Lucquet architectes

Lighting designer   Charles Vicarini

CraftmansBeaujard Werey (Strasbourg) - Customized furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms, staff shelving, buffet furniture, reception, woodwork...
Pierre Louis Dietschy - Sculptor
Astropol (Paris) - Lighting
Keller - Swimming pool 
Morreale - Stone cladding
Klafs - Sauna and steam room  
Créa diffusion - Corian shell

MobiliersPatrick Jouin iD 
Bedrooms - Hera Armchair, Patrick Jouin for Pedrali
Breakfast room - Hera,  Patrick Jouin for Pedrali armchair & Reva, Patrick Jouin for Pedrali bench
Lobby & Seminars - Ester, Patrick Jouin for Pedrali Armchairs


Les Haras - Jouin Manku © Nicolas Mathéus