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L'Auberge de l'Ill

Haeberlin family - Illhaeusern

First intervention

Local history and terroir, with the surrounding Ill and Vosges mountains, influence Chef Marc Haeberlin's recipes. Spaces have been reorganized in harmony with the philosophy of the place, with a welcoming reception counter and a lounge for guests. The dining rooms feature a symbolic aerial view of Alsace on a hand-tufted carpet. The following rooms adopt a peasant architecture with raw wood flooring. Brushed fir strips adorn the walls, with paintings by Roger Muhl in one room. In another room, fir strips cover the walls and banisters, creating a barn-like ambience with subtle lighting that evolves in intensity and color throughout the meal.
As you approach the picture windows, the transition to the Alsatian plain is gradual: the meandering Ill River appears in embroidery, the contour lines become more spaced out, and the hues evolve towards the beige and brown shades of ploughed land.



Les roseaux de verre

Ces deux salles sont éclairées par des roseaux en verre soufflé à la main qui poussent sur des bassins d'eau en acier inoxydable poli, comme si la rivière se jetait dans le restaurant.

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In figures

- Total surface area: 340m2 


Auberge de l'Ill - Jouin Manku © Eric Laignel