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Exhibition AD intérieurs 2016

Une collection de souvenirs - Paris

The sound salon

Placed in the center of the room, a capsule with fluid, organic lines invites you to settle comfortably on a wide bench to listen to music, sounds and other sonorities available in a sound library. The aim is to create a relaxing space where sound memories can be shared, in the image of moments spent watching films in the past.
This collection of sounds reflects the current trend towards the dematerialization of sound. As the duo analyze, we all have playlists on our phones. This visionary music room offers the opportunity to listen to digitized sounds that evoke moments from the past.
Evoking the appearance of a perfume organ, the cabinet houses a collection of small sculptural objects, each containing a distinct sound. The sounds range from the wind rustling through the foliage to a child singing.
"A collector records moments from his daily life.
In his studio, he encapsulates them in a crystalline totem and catalogues them so that he can relive them. Immersed in his living room, as soon as he places a totem in the center of the bookcase, the memories come to life, they resonate, like an invitation to reverie..."
Patrick & Sanjit - Jouin Manku