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Dachgarten - Bayerischer Hof Hotel

Hotel Bayerischer Hof - Munich

A luminous fantasy landscape

The three spaces entrusted to Jouin Manku are living spaces in which numerous events take place. The Dachgarten used to host breakfasts, as well as private and professional receptions. L'Agence has completely redesigned this venue. The dining room can be divided and partitioned to suit the needs of hotel guests. The adjacent lounge is open all day. The space between the bar and the restaurant has been designed as a formal transition between the two. Ideally located at roof level, a large terrace frames the project and offers a breathtaking view of the city. The interior design concept therefore had to be adaptable to numerous configurations, while remaining significant in relation to the hotel, and to the city of Munich.
Positioned on the sixth floor, the grand hall faces the Frauenkirche Cathedral. Rectangular and elongated, it boasts a huge bay window offering a bird's-eye view of the city, with a glimpse of the Bavarian mountains in the distance. In this way, the project is inspired by a city surrounded by forests. Jouin Manku's idea was to offer guests a view inside the room itself, recreating a natural and fantasized landscape, as if nature had conquered its place at the heart of the palace. They imagined a mineral horizon of stone and snow, creating an inspired tableau carved out of rock.

The Lounge

Ici, nous avons créé une verrière et une terrasse qui prolonge celle du Dachgarten pour offrir une vue sur l’hôtel de ville. La pierre et la porcelaine prennent le pas sur la palette de matériaux pour composer un espace agencé autour d’une immense cheminée elliptique à double foyer. Mais ce qui frappe le plus dans cet espace c’est l’utilisation de la couleur. En effet, nous déclinons une couleur forte, le vert, en monochrome sur les murs, le sol, le plafond…pour installer une ambiance qui réponde au paysage fantasmé du Dachgarten. 
Autour de la cheminée centrale, posée comme une sculpture au centre de la salle, le sol en pierre se prolonge pour créer les dossiers des assises circulaires en cuir. La cheminée présente une alliance originale de matériaux, du staff pour la partie haute réalisée par l’entreprise Weibenböck, et une élégante armure faite de barrettes en porcelaine de forme géométrique recouvre le foyer. Ces mêmes barrettes se retrouvent en écho sur le bar, et lui confèrent, par ses arêtes saillantes irrégulières, comme un mouvement dynamique. En même temps, elles reflètent la lumière et renvoient à la tradition manufacturière de la région. Baigné de lumière naturelle grâce à la nouvelle verrière la journée, ou plongé dans une ambiance plus fantasmatique avec le feu de cheminée le soir venu, le lounge dégage une ambiance chaleureuse, en créant une nature stylisée de toutes pièces, reflet rêvé de ce qui se passe à l’extérieur même de l’hôtel.

The Dachgarten

The special feature of the Dachgarten's large 235 m2 rectangular room, which seats 139, is its unobstructed view of the city. To create an atmosphere that is bright in the morning and warm in the evening, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku created a shell inside the room that gradually opens up to the view, with the mountain in the distance. This shell partly covers the American walnut ceiling. This natural material delimits several zones in the room, descending along the walls opposite the bay window.



The alcove walls are a stylized transposition of this design, inviting you to daydream. Illuminated by a clever play of light concealed in the folds of staff, they are like the incursion of an unreal topography into the space. The design of these alcoves is echoed on the floor, where the carpet pattern was made to measure, and more widely in the adjacent bar. To complete the envelope, the wooden ceiling moves upwards towards the windows, underlining the idea of openness to light. Pointed beams punctuate the ceiling along the entire length of the room. A cream-colored fabric, diffusing a soft light, completes the ceiling, also stretched towards the bay window.

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Area: 450 sq.m


ClientDachgarten - Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Interior Architecture and DesignJouin Manku
Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Pascal Legrand
Benedicte Bonnefoi
Bruno Pimpanini
Andy Migevant
Architect of recordKohler Architekten, Gregor Baur

Lighting DesignerL'Observatoire International

CraftsmenLindner Objekt Design (overall layout)
Taiping (carpet)
Zollner Maler GmbH (paint)
Skyframe (glazing)
Valenta Metall GmbH (canopy)

Extraordinary objects - Les Niches

Atelier Arti Decorative GmbH (Siporex structure, cut and sculped, plastered)
Erlacher Innenausbau K.G. (Tables in wood and mirror-polished stainless steel)
Lindner Objekt Design (Leather benches and American walnut legs)
SOMI Design (Leather chairs)



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