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CAP 3000

Altarea Cogedim - Nice

CAP 3000

Jouin Manku has accepted Altarea Cogedim's invitation to rethink the interior spaces and furnishings of CAP 3000, one of the largest shopping malls in the South of France, as part of a total architectural reconfiguration of the site, carried out in collaboration with the Groupe 6 architectural firm.
This unusually large project takes Jouin Manku into new territory: it's our first shopping center project. The Studio's experience in designing large-scale street furniture and the two designers' sensitivity to linking a place with a user experience based above all on feeling, results in a project strongly connected with its natural environment.
The guiding idea for the interior design was to subtly blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, to create a sense of open, luminous space throughout the shopping center.

To let natural light into the spaces, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku pierce the ceilings with large openings in the shape of upside-down boats, to create shafts of light in the center and give a view of the sky.
With the help of lighting designer Hervé Audibert, they created a light installation: organic shapes float in the space, interpreting what is known as "ocean snow", the sea dust found at the bottom of the oceans. These transparent, almost ethereal shapes create an impressive anamorphosis and form the Cap 3000 logo.

In the central square of CAP 3000, LED installations on supporting posts, walls and ceilings sparkle, inviting visitors to discover the center's second level.
There, sculptures on the ceilings echo the idea of the current and schools of fish with elegant, synchronized movements. Finally, the play of light between sky and sea is echoed on each of the mall's entrance doors. Here, large hammered stainless steel panels continue the metaphor of intertwined elements and the ceaseless movement of water.

All the furniture at Cap 3000 was designed by Jouin Manku, who drew their inspiration from the outdoor furniture usually found in ports or on boats, to continue the idea of the outdoors invited into the center's interior spaces. While the structures are made of concrete, the armchairs and sofas are covered in wood, creating a coherence with the materials used for the layout of the spaces and conveying a certain conviviality to the whole.


Since July 2021, the CORSO, signed CAP3000, offers a new dimension of luxury on the Côte d'Azur, whether for ready-to-wear or gastronomy, thanks to the presence of Alain Ducasse's Manufactures. Designed by Jouin Manku, CORSO unfurls in supple, undulating forms, its sensual lines evoking the movements and reflections of water. A veritable showcase of light, CORSO combines Murano glass, black granito and brass blades.
"Suspended between sky and sea, the location of this site is unique. The meandering lagoon is a remarkable environment where nature is king, so our design had to be inspired by it. From the design to the choice of materials, from floor to ceiling, everything recalls the coastline and the aquatic world in a register of fluid, organic and natural forms. Natural light bathes the spaces in profusion, erasing any notion of inside and outside. Visitors are invited to relax and enjoy.
We worked on the design so that throughout the visit, customers no longer really know whether they're inside or outside."
Patrick Jouin & Sanjit Manku - Jouin Manku

In figures

Area : 85 000 m2 

Mission : 11 600 m2


ClientAltarea Cogedim

Architectural concept, interior design and architectureJouin Manku
Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Jacques Goubin
Alice Pesché
Valentine Finet
Mathias Debien
Andy Migevant 

Architect for the extension-restructuring project and interior architect 
Lighting designer Atelier Hervé Audibert


2016, 2020

2022 : MIPIM Awards - Best shopping center
2017 : Versailles Architecture Awards


Cap 3000, Altarea Cogedim, Jouin Manku © Nicolas Mathéus