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The Journal #2

The events that we are going through will leave their mark forever. We will never forget this period, with all its uncertainty and anxiety, but also beauty. Over this last year we have crossed a sea of emotions, with high points and vertiginous lows. We have, sometimes with the last remaining drop of energy left to us, pushed our clients, our teams, our artisans and ourselves, towards what seemed to us impossible to achieve, and the results have moved us, have touched us deeply.

We have sculpted plaster, poured resin, dug deep holes, knitted leather and rope, cut and folded metal and played with glass. Lots of glass. And we have seen that the magic is still there, beautiful, febrile, like an ember that needs constant attention to keep the spark alive. Whatever the day-to-day obstacles, the flame burns on and so do we. Particularly when we are lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible clients who enrich us with such personal vision. We know today that nothing will be the same as before, but that the change isn’t visible to the naked eye, it is a metamorphosis that began well before this crisis and which bolsters us in the path we were on, in our quest for harmony and grace, for peace, nature and celebration, and simply to breathe. There are many things to look forward to, and in the spirit of sharing with friends, we wanted to show you some of our latest adventures. As with all our previous projects, they are nourished by the dreams of individuals and companies graced with deep ambition and brought to fruition by a wonderful in-house team, who continue to surprise us with their tenacity and boundless good humor. The road on which a dream travels to meet reality has been a bit harder than usual, but it was worth it. We truly hope that you will like what you see, with the constraints imposed by the humble photograph.

Because if our work consists of making spaces, transcribing atmospheres or emotions, a picture – however beautiful – can only touch the surface. But you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. So enjoy! We rejoice in the idea of running into you again soon.

Patrick Jouin, Sanjit Manku and Jacques Goubin

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