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Upper deck_Living room_©Jouin Manku
  • Méga-yacht
  • 2022


The Italian Sea Group

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  • Main deck_Living room_©Jouin Manku
    Main deck_Living room_©Jouin Manku
  • Lower deck_©Jouin Manku
    Lower deck_©Jouin Manku
  • Upper deck_Le salon_©Jouin Manku
    Upper deck_Le salon_©Jouin Manku
With their experience and the youthful enthusiasm of fresh eyed newcomers, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku (Agence Jouin Manku) approached the design of KENSHŌ’s interiors by posing some fundamental questions that challenge naval tradition.

KENSHŌ synthesises superior solutions from residential and naval architecture to trace new lines for quality living at sea. Generous high ceilings, panoramic views, intelligent and modular configurations that adapt to enhance space, intimacy and comfort.

Noble materials are artfully transformed into rounded and organic forms. Teak, marble, onyx, silk, wool, bronze and glass - a diverse material palette deployed in a deeply personal and poetic expression of design. From her exterior hardscape to her soft touch interior, the narrative is coherent, seamless and contemporary; each element orchestrated by the agency.


The Italian Sea Group




75.2m (246’71”)


12.8m (41’9”)


3.4m (11’15”)


12 in 6 Cabins



Design Team Credits

Jouin Manku
Interior Designer
Sanjit Manku
Patrick Jouin
Jacques Goubin
Bénédicte Bonnefoi
Dimitri Malko
Margaux Lafuente
Julien Lizé
Arnaud Desvignes
Fanny Peurou
Axel de Clermont Tonnerre
Vincent Dechelette

Voyons Voir
Lighting Designer
Stéphane Carratero
Umberto Vita Finzi
Florian Malnoe

Azure Yacht Design
Exterior Designer
Onne Logger
Bob van den Meiracker
Ronald van Doorn
Joris Zwagers
Robert Star
Marco Boscarino
Joris van Aelst
Karel Nguyen

Owner’s Architecture,
Design and Engineering Consultant
Holger Schulze-Seeger

Trappmann Consulting SLU
Interior Design Consulting
Peter Trappmann
Cristina Rubi