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  • Lounge
  • Roissy-en-France
  • France
  • 2021

Air France Lounge - Terminal 2F - Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Air France

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  • ©Jérôme Galland
    ©Jérôme Galland
  • ©Jérôme Galland
    ©Jérôme Galland
  • ©Jérôme Galland
    ©Jérôme Galland
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  • ©JouinManku_AirFrance
After four years of design and building works, Jouin Manku and Air France unveil the new Air France lounge in terminal 2F of Paris–Charles de Gaulle airport. Positioned between two of the terminal’s jetties, this new 3,000m2 space, the fruit of a collaboration with Groupe ADP, contributes to the overall renewal of the airport.

“There is something magical, extraordinary about the act of flying, of rising up into the air among the clouds. A fantasy made possible since the end of the 18th century thanks to genius inventors the likes of the Montgolfier brothers or the Wright brothers.

At a time when the technology is no longer the question and planes are again taking off, when the world is resuming its dizzying pace, perhaps more than ever we need islands of calm in this ocean of speed.* For the Air France lounge we wanted to suspend time, and in the best possible way to prepare travellers who are getting ready to fly off.
The intention was to work around ideas of levitation, lightness, a sense of escape, for an airline company with a glamorous image, symbol of French elegance.” 

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku

*Enzio Manzini, Artefacts vers une nouvelle écologie de l’environnement artificiel, LES ESSAIS, Centre Georges Pompidou, 1991

(vidéo: June 2021)


Air France

3,500 sq. m. on two levels.

Architect of record
SLA Architecture

Lighting Designer
Voyons Voir

Paul Champs fit-out – made-to-measure furniture
Pierre Noire – made-to-measure furniture
Alexandre Fougea & Pyrus – design development of the wing
Nelson Fossey – digitalisation of the wing
Spie Batignolles – fit-out
Axys – engineering

Furniture Patrick Jouin iD 
Armchair « Lou » - Patrick Jouin iD for Ligne Roset
Chair and armchair « Ester » - Patrick Jouin iD for Pedrali
Armchair « Héra » - Patrick Jouin iD for Pedrali
Other :
Egg armchair by Arne Jacobsen

Jouin Manku team

Patrick Jouin
Sanjit Manku
Jacques Goubin
Alice Pesché
Pascal Legrand
Céline Allard
Bruno Pimpanini
François Isone
Arnaud Desvignes
Charlotte Delorme

Visuals (Cross-section plan):
Agence Jouin Manku – Air France