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Design Patrick Jouin iD for Porada - visual: Porada
  • Collection of tables
  • 2021


Patrick Jouin iD / Porada - 2021

These "LEAF", signed Patrick Jouin iD, are like an ode to the natural veins and can be together or camp independently of the others. "The beauty of Nature itself becomes the graphic element", explains Patrick Jouin.

Like a totemic object, the two pieces of wood of these tables and pedestal tables simply stand in a notch on its marble base. From then on, the wood grain and marbling lines converse.

These coffee tables and pedestal table assemble a circular top and a curved wooden base on a round marble baseThis echoes the vocabulary of marquetry and the graphic varieties of precious wood species that the tray, skilfully balanced. A play on the orientation of the wood grain created as a surprise, a change of direction, a movement. 

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Top and base in American walnut and ebony.
Base in white Carrara marble or black Marquina marble.

Varnished wood.
Polished marble.

Available in three sizes.
350 cm (height), 753 (diameter)
425 cm (height), 600 (diameter)
500 cm (height), 450 (diameter)

Year: 2021
Visuals: © Porada